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Monday, October 02, 2006

Qur'an and Etrat Internet University

For those of you who may not be aware, there is a great opportunity online to learn more about Shi'a Islam. It's the Qur'an and Etrat Internet University, and the cost for new students to enroll for the first 14-week semester is only $15! And if you keep your grades above an 85 average, the consecutive semester is free!

For instance, I'm taking four classes: Qur'an Reading I (beginning with the Arabic alphabet, Alhamdulillah), Shi'a Beliefs I, Islamic History I and Islamic Ethics I. Total credits for me will be seven (six is the minimum), with about 1/2 an hour of study time each week per credit (so, 3 1/2 hours). Everything that's needed for the course is provided online - study materials, etc. - and occasionally live group chats will be arranged with one of the course teachers.

The entire basic program takes approximately 80 credits to complete, and at the end you get a certificate showing your accomplishment! If you took eight credits per semester, with three semesters in the year (fall, winter and summer), it would take ten sememsters, or just under four years (more credits = more study time, but also less time to complete the full course). And once you finish the basic courses there are more advanced courses you can sign up for!

I hope you'll take advantage of this great opportunity! Sorry for the short notice, I only found out about this again a couple of days ago (the other 2 times I tried to register they weren't offering Qur'an Reading I during that particular semester, and I needed that to get started!) - registration for this fall season ends October 11, and starting this year, new students will only be allowed to enroll in the fall, so if you have any interest in this, check out the website right away!


~Ma'asalama, AnonyMuslima

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